Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development (ECCD) is about meeting the child’s multiple needs by taking into account health, nutrition, and psycho-social stimulation, while at the same time strengthening the environment in which children live and thrive. Children have rights to live and develop to their full potential. It is more than preparing a child for the tomorrow’s school; it is about” Every child is a unique person with an individual temperament, learning style, family background, and pattern and timing of growth.” As children develop, they need different types of stimulation and interaction to exercise their evolving skills and to develop new ones. ECCD programs should be developed within a broad conceptual frame work that is part of a comprehensive, multifaceted strategy. They should not be developed in isolation but there is a web of consensus with parents and has strong relationship with homes.
ECCD preceding a child’s primary education which prepares a child to formal school and plays a role of transit. Pedagogical continuity between the last year of early Childhood program and the first year of formal schooling is of great importance.

It comprises all the essential support a young child needs to survive through fully participation in the activities which are developmentally appropriate for the holistic view of the children. This includes integrating health, nutrition, and intellectual stimulation, providing the opportunities for exploration and active learning, as well as providing the social and emotional care and nurturing a child needs in order to realize her/his human potential and play an active role in their families and later in communities.

Latest research suggests that the earliest years of life lay the foundation for all that follows and is the most important in developing children’s capacity to learn. FIELD equally believes in good health, safe and nurturing environment, proper care and the right kind of intellectual stimulation give a child a strong framework for growth and ensures later success at school, work and in the society at large. Thus the mothers are universally known as caregivers of their children. The changes in the attitude and social systems have also brought male members of the family to play vital role in rearing up a child. In addition, immediate family members also support in this task. Thus, proper parenting education is the top priority of FIELD.

FIELD’s professionals have got the knowledge, skills and attitude to facilitate the families in proper child caring, rearing and development process at homes and centers based ECCD programs effectively.

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