About Us


The Mission of FIELD is to facilitate different age groups to access to affordable and sustainable quality education in line with their cultural values, norms and contextual realities. FIELD also supports needy, poor and disadvantaged communities in order to work for alleviation of poverty and human sufferings from catastrophes.


Aspiring for a peaceful, inter-reliant and progressive society endeavoring to access to prosperous lifestyle and sustainable development.


  • To create an environment for children in which they should not only realize their full potential but demand access to quality education as their basic right.
  • Encourage and facilitate rural communities to initiate community managed development program for education.
  • Sensitize communities on gender equality,  child rights and encourage youth to participate in social welfare activities
  • Build strong foundation for later learning among children through Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD).
  • Promote non-formal education among illiterate women and address the issues of healthy living, clean environment, and basic human needs and eliminate harmful practices.
  • Make efforts to identify opportunities of human resource development, capacity building and access to higher education through scholarship/fellowship or internship especially to women and young professionals.
  • Play supplementary role to improve quality of education through Whole School Improvement Program, through capacity building of teachers and other stakeholders.
  • Rehabilitate and provide relief to the needy, the poor and the destitute in order to alleviate human sufferings from catastrophes
  • Strengthen and promote special education programs
  • Create awareness among rural communities on primary and secondary health care and sensitize them on health and hygiene issues and facilitate them to find preventive measures to address the issues