Emergency Response

Psycho-Social support

The professional staff of FIELD has received opportunities to work with different organizations during post earthquake rehabilitation of communities and schools in AJ&K and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The opportunity enabled these professionals to provide psycho-social support to disaster hit traumatized and displaced families in tents and providing educational activities for their children in the open air schools. The professional staff members have got the capacity of delivering sessions for teachers, school committees and students to identify different options for risk reduction at the time of emergency situations.

Relief (FI/NFI)

FIELD staff members have developed expertise in providing logistic support and commodities to the disaster affected population. During the 2010 devastating floods, the volunteer and professional staff of FIELD in collaboration with the Village Organizations rescued a lot of families and took them to safe places. They were provided emergency food and non-food item. They coordinated with district management to identify areas for relief provision and facilitated them in coming out of traumatized situations.


The experiences of working with communities during emergency situations have an impressive impact on rehabilitation of the schools affected by catastrophes.  FIELD rehabilitated a number of disaster hit schools and provided basic missing facilities including teaching and learning materials and furniture to the schools in order to help the schools create conducive learning and child friendly environment in schools.