Foresight Institute for Education and Leadership Development-FIELD has been managing FSS schools since 2008. The management of the schools is based upon the principles of the WSIP and Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) models. The purpose for establishing the school system was to provide an access to quality education to out of school and under-privileged children in both the regions.  FIELD has ensured an environment in the schools, which is child friendly, where children take their active role in and outside classroom processes and have courage to ask questions to clarify unclear themes. FIELD has introduced inclusive education in the schools and enrolled impaired children in different classes and educates them with other students by looking into individual needs of the students. FIELD has established School Management Committees (SMCs) in FSS schools and built capacities of SMC members in school development activities. The volunteer members of FIELD visit door to door and convince parents to enroll their children to schools.  Moreover, FIELD has established a mechanism of in-house capacity building program for teachers. New recruited teachers are given thorough orientations on the concepts and mechanisms for teaching and learning in classrooms. Weekly need based professional development sessions are conducted on content and methodology of different subjects. Academic staff and teachers deliver sessions in their turn so everyone gets time to facilitate colleagues on specific topics. In-addition, reflective sessions are also conducted on daily basis to analyze the progress made and challenges faced that helps the staff to plan further to address challenges and move towards improvement. Furthermore, FIELD academic team are further providing on the job support to teachers in classrooms by observing their lessons and giving them feedback and targets for further improvement. The academic staff also deliver model lessons whenever need felt to orient teachers on different classroom practices and concepts.

Schools & Centers

FIELD’s Schools

  • FSS Rawalpindi
  • FSS Gahkuch City
  • FSS Gahkuch Paeen
  • FSS Yasin Thoi

FIELD’s ECCD Centers

  • ECCD Rawalpindi
  • ECCD Gahkuch City
  • ECCD Gahkuch Pine